- Automotive
- Aerospace
- Steel making
- Mold industry
- Heavy industry
- Medical
- General engineering

- AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining) machine
- AFM media, different viscosity polymer based flow abrasive media
- LAFM (Liquid Abrasive Flow Machining), equipment for micro hole or nozzle grinding.
- Liquide Abrasive Media, liquid with Nanometer size abrasives such as Sic, B4C, diamond etc.,
- TEM (Thermal Energy Machining). Deburring equipment for inaccessible metal blocks or spare parts.

- Efficiency improvement for fuel injection system
- Reducing noise, friction and wear for transmission system
- Enhancement of turbine performance
-Surface stress relief
- Increasing spare parts life time
- Quality and efficiency improvement for aluminum and plastic extrusion process

For scores of years, the company has been devoted to production and operation of high class metallic & non-metallic abrasive ; and automation of streamlined production has been realized.
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Company's core competitiveness

with professional team of scientific R&D and strong technical strength, the company independently developed AFM、ECM、TEM and other new products, meeting the requirements of high-end customers on effect of surface treatment, working efficiency and low cost. At the same time, the company provides perfect technical support and good services and whole solution for customers.

Advanced production equipments and strict quality management make our products not only conform to American & European Standard but also meet the requirements of customers in different industries.
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